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Friday, October 13, 2006

Clomid, a Fertile Option to Combat Female Infertility

Clomid, a Fertile Option to Combat Female Infertility

Author: Saurabh Verma

Clomid is the name of the "wonder" medication that helps infertile couples achieve pregnancy. Infertility is the condition that is understood as the inability to conceive normally. To provide much awaited relief to women suffering from this medical condition, the drug known as Clomid came to this world.

This infertility medication is chemically known as Clomiphene citrate. It is a hormone used to induce ovulation, to correct irregular ovulation, to increase egg production and to correct a condition known as luteal phase deficiency. Normal recommended dose is 59 mg to 200 mg, and taken for 5-9 days. This medication is among the most inexpensive fertility drugs.

This fertility medication is easily taken orally rather than by injection and is the first line drug used for ovulation induction in patients with PCOS and other ovulatory disorders. This medication is widely used for patients with luteal phase defect. It can also be used to assess ovarian reserve (the likelihood that a woman's ovaries can still produce viable eggs). Clomid is not useful for women whose ovaries have reached the end of their working life.

Clomid is a capable and complicated medication. This medication reacts with all of the tissues in the body that have estrogen receptors, such as the hypothalamus, pituitary, ovary, endometrium, vagina, and cervix. This fertility medication influences the way that the four hormones required for ovulation, GnRH, FSH, LH and estradiol, relate and interrelate.

How does clomid work? Up unti now no one has been able to understand the mechanisms by which this drug works. It appears that Clomid fools the body into believing that the estrogen levels are low. This altered feedback information causes the hypothalamus (an important part the brain) to make and release more gonadotropin releasing hormone (GnRH) which in turn
causes the pituitary to make and release more FSH and LH. More follicle stimulating hormone and more luteinizing hormone should result in the release of one or more mature eggs - ovulation.

Just as women's bodies are different from one another, their reactions to Clomid vary tremendously. It was observed that some women have virtually no side effects. Others do, but they are more frequently related to emotions. Possible side effects of Clomid may include mood swings, hot flashes, breast tenderness, and thinning of the uterine lining. About 10 percent
of those who use Clomid will have a multiple pregnancy (twins). Clomid can cause hostile fertile mucous and thins the uterine lining in over 30 percent of the women who use it. The hostile mucus kills sperm, and the thin uterine can prevent implantation or cause an early miscarriage.

I am sure information shared here about one of the most talked subjects relating to female infertility and ovulation problems will definitely answer some of your questions about the subject. Come and enjoy your life with sweet memories of becoming mother in company of clomid.

About the author:
Saurabh Verma is working as Sr. Web Content Developer for
leading pharmacy web-site a1dietpill.com.

The Fertility Goddess Says:

Please note that I provide articles on all aspects of fertility. It does not mean that I endorse or recommend the use of Clomid or other fertility enhancing drugs. I strongly recommend that if you are interested in conceiving, that you explore all options available to you, including the use of gentle, natural methods prior to utilizing expensive, invasive, and/or dangerous medical procedures and medications. That said, if natural methods have not worked for you and you want to try Clomid, by all means try it and I truly hope you will be blessed with the baby of your dreams.

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