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Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Organic Fertility

"Prepare the ground and the seeds will flourish."

Approximately 50% of pregnancies are unplanned which means the
other 50% have the wonderful opportunity to create an ideal
environment in which to conceive and carry a child.

If you are reading this because you are hoping to become
pregnant then you have a chance to give your child a head start
almost unheard of in todays modern society.

You may be wondering "what is an organic conception?". Similar to
the concept of organic produce, it simply means that a couple
conceives a child with a minimum of outside chemicals and
interventions. This is much easier said than done however. It is
virtually impossible to avoid all the toxins surrounding us today.

So your next question might be "why bother?" or "Is it really
necessary?". It is absolutely, unequivocally necessary. Toxins,
stress, and diet interfere with the delicate male & female
reproductive systems. The same influences can determine whether
a woman can maintain the pregnancy as some toxins bring a
higher rate of miscarriage. The same influences can cause a
myriad of problems to a developing fetus, some minor and some
will cause severe birth defects or stillbirth.

The ability to get pregnant, to carry that child, to maximize fetal
development, and the ability to breastfeed all go hand in hand.
Toxins, lifestyle choices, our diet, stress, and our environment
greatly affect our health, our fertility, and the health of our
offspring. This is not just crunchy granola talk. This is reality. It is
about your health and the health of your baby (and your ability to
have one). We are programmed to protect our young and this is
the mandatory first step.

Many studies show a drop of over 40% in sperm counts since
1940. This could be one reason why an estimated 1 in 6 couples
have difficulty conceiving.
Many attribute the lowered fertility to the rampant use of chemical
compounds all around us as well as our overloaded stressful
lifestyles out of touch with the natural rhythms of nature.

Some studies have shown a staggering 80% success rate in
couples with "unexplained infertility" when they incorporate
lifestyle & nutrition changes. With potential like that it is amazing
that everyone doesn't try this prior to expensive, invasive, &
stressful IVF.

The unfortunate truth is that no-one, especially not the
government or the FDA, is looking out for your best interest. Nor
are they looking out for the best interest of your fetus. As a
responsible adult you cannot assume that someone else is
guaranteeing the safety of what you eat, breathe, drink, and

It is up to each individual to research and take the necessary steps
to "clean up" their environment because no one is going to do it for
you and if this idea is new to you, then trust me, your environment
needs cleaning.

It is not easy and it can seem overwhelming when you see the list
of toxic substances in your life. You might have a very hard time
giving up cosmetics, household cleaners, or something else you are
very attached to.

Giving up all of your favorite products can be a tough pill to
swallow and you may face a period of disbelief and denial which
ideally will lead you to further research until the truth sinks in and
enables you to let go of the toxins in your life.

Surprisingly many people cannot let go of their attachments. It
baffles me that in the face of numerous studies and evidence,
people will still cling to outdated and ridiculous ideas just because
that is what they have always been told. To some the earth will
always be flat.

Bear in mind that giving up so much of what you are accustomed to
is impossible to do overnight. How long will it take? That depends
on you, your motivation and determination, your support from
family and friends, and your financial means.

It may take you six months to clean up your environment to your
ideal but keep in mind that any changes you make for the benefit
of your developing child are better than none at all.

Generally speaking it takes three months to for diet and cleansing
changes to appear for pregnancy, although you may experience
many other health benefits immediately. Ideally you will wait
another three months to get pregnant because the egg that drops
in any given month was selected three months prior to the

In other words if you are trying to get pregnant, do not lose hope
during this process. Its not easy and certainly does not happen
overnight but it is so very worth it in the long run.

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